If You Are Not Happy with Your Life Change It

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Are you the type of individual that loves getting up everyday to enjoy a commute to the office? Do you enjoy having to wear the corporate uniform? What about being allocated an entire 60 minutes to eat lunch and for smokers, the occasional 15 minutes to smoke?

Wait, I’m not done yet. Do you enjoy requesting time off? Think about it, your child is sick, your pet has vomited on your carpet and your car’s get up and go got up and went. Don’t you enjoy calling your boss trying to make your story sound believable in order to take the day off? Of course, you know when you return, all eyes will be looking at you wondering if your child was really sick, your dog actually vomited or your car, well you know.

Change the Way You Live

If you enjoy living your life like that, then please click away from this piece. This is only for those of you who have the feeling deep in your heart that the 9-5 rat race is not the way to live life.

Expand Your MindMental Freedom

The only thing stopping you from changing your life is you. The person you face in the mirror everyday when you brush your teeth, shave or put on your makeup (or all three) is the person stopping you from realizing your dream.
Wait, stop. Don’t blame it on the kids, the spouse, the debt, the overbearing mother, the in-laws or the dog. The only person that can truly make a change in your life is you. If you hate your job, do something about it. If you want to drive a better car, do something about it. If you want a larger apartment with a toilet that doesn’t overflow on every third flush, do something about it.

No Quick Fixes

If you truly (I mean truly) want to make a difference in your life you have to take small steps and move in the right direction. Just like there are no 20 point baskets in a basketball game or 15 run grand slam home run in baseball, it is likely there are no quick fixes to your current situation. The first thing you have to do is make up your mind that you want to make a change and then start slowly and methodically making the change.

You’ve done it before. You weren’t born walking. As a child you had to learn how to walk one step at a time. Sometimes you would fall, but your dogged determination didn’t quit until you were able to walk. You also used the same type of determination when you learned how to read, drive a car, surf the internet and program your Tivo (I would say VCR but I’d be dating myself).

The Solution to the Problem

The purpose of this article is to get you to understand that you are the only one that can turn your life around. Rather than looking for the obstacles, look for the solutions. After all, Ernest Hemingway the prize winning novelist and Ray Bradbury the science fiction novelist never went to college. Even more fantastic Richard Desmond the self-made billionaire publisher was a high school drop out.

These are just a few individuals like you and me who could have used lack of education or circumstances as an excuse to live unfulfilled lives. Instead, they took the bull by the horns and created their own destiny. I’m creating mine. What’s stopping you?

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